31 Green Vegan Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day!

Craving green recipes for St. Patrick’s Day? Finding Vegan has you covered with these 31 inspiring recipes from vegan bloggers! So stock up on peas, kale, matcha, mint, avocado, pumpkin seeds, kiwis, spinach and all things green in between and get in the kitchen for some very festive recipes! Green in a color you can embrace year-round for healthy eating too! Happy green eating!..

1. Mint-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream by WallflowerGirl
2. Green Pasta by Vegenista
3. Kiwi Green Smoothie by Vegan Sandra
4. Thin Mints by The Sweet Life
5. Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Bites by Season to Season
6. Boozy Healthier Shamrock Shakes by Hidden Fruits and Veggies
7. Rosemary Cauliflower Flatbread by Begin Within Nutrition
8. Chocolate-Mint Pudding by An Unrefined Vegan
9. Green Pea Avocado Sandwich by Compassionate Cuisine
10. Lucky Leprechaun Green Dip by Lunchboxbunch
11. Homemade Lucky Charms Cereal by Fork and Beans
12. Mint-Chocolate Green Cupcakes by Vegan Yack Attack
13. Spring Green Fruit Salad by Lunchboxbunch
14. Green Bagel with Avocado by Babble
15. Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad by 86Lemons
16. Green Swirl Cheesecake by Fragrant Vanilla Cake
17. Leprechaun Cookies by Lucy’s Friendly Foods
18. Superfood Avocado Toast by Lunchboxbunch
19. Leek Soup by Vegan Iowian
20. Minty Brownie Bites by Fragrant Vanilla Cake
21. Green Smoothie that tastes like a PB-Banana Shake by Minimalist Baker
22. Kale Salad by Vegan Miam
23. Kale Spinach Ginger Soup by Vegan Richa
24. Shamrock Shortbread Cookies by Namely Marly
25. Lemon-y Blackened Broccoli Pizza by SpaBettie
26. Mint-Chocolate Fudge Pie by Choc Covered Katie
27. Mint-Chocolate Chip Donuts by Season2Season
28. Green Tea Tiramisu by Hello Vegan
29. Fresh Pea Soup by Bittersweet
30. Green Monster Hummus by Namely Marly
31. Matcha Muffins by Lunchboxbunch


24 Ways Buzzfeed Crushes on Vegans

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16 Foods Vegans Can Totally Eat, Even Though They Don’t Sound Vegan. (Includes recipes!)

pictured: Daiya provolone slices, vegan photo by: Kathy Patalsky (recipe)

1. Buttered Toast.
Melty, rich buttery-slathered toast is a simple taste of bliss. Vegans can totally indulge. HOW: Earth Balance.

2. Cheesy Pizza or Grilled Cheese. Melty, string, hot and delicious cheese is something everyone wants to eat. Well vegans can eat that too. HOW: Daiya vegan cheese shreds. (And a few other brands too!)

3. Bacon. What, you’ve never seen a vegan eat a BLT? You need to get out more! No, really, vegans love tempeh bacon, coconut bacon and even mushroom-based bacon! HOW: Some vegan liquid smoke will greatly help your homemade vegan bacon cause. Grab this BLT recipe from FindingVegan.com.

4. Hot Dogs. Ballpark fare that really looks exactly like the (frightening) real thing. Add all your fave “dog” toppings and I promise, you won’t miss the meat in the dog at all! HOW: Smart Dogs (And other plant-based brands too.) Make vegan chili cheese dogs.

5. Chicken. Vegan chicken is everywhere. I mean everywhere. Just go take a peek in your grocer’s freezer section, or veggie meats section. If they don’t have one, request one! Restaurants like Native Foods, Veggie Grill and more are masters of the veggie chicken scene. HOW: Try Beyond Meat for a very authentic vegan chicken experience. Many other brands out there too. 

6. Mayonaise. I have always hated mayo. But as a vegan, I adore it. One word… HOW: Vegenaise. (try it) - Also newbie product Just Mayo will be in stores very soon!

7. Cookie Dough. Yup, cookie dough straight out of the fridge - raw - is not only delicious vegan-ized, but safer since you are not eating raw eggs! So many recipes for vegan cookie dough on the web. You can even buy vegan cookie dough in stores by the EatPastry brand. HOW: Make it yourself or buy EatPastry. Recipes like this and this on FindingVegan.com

8. Burgers. Veggie burgers are NOT what they used to be. Proof here! And here. Nowadays you can easily make or buy veggie burgers that either a) taste like the real thing or b) don’t taste like meat, but taste amazing (even better that a classic burger!) Show traditional burgers the door and make way for a diner countertop filled with burgers, fries and milkshakes (see #9) HOW: Make your own veggie burgers or buy in stores via Amy’s brand (many other brands out there too!) A few recipes on FindingVegan.com

9. Ice Cream & Shakes. Vegan ice cream used to just be so-so. Then coconut milk entered the picture and everything changed. Coconut milk-based vegan ice cream is just as rich and decadent as dairy-based. And the almond, soy and rice-based ice creams are pretty tasty too. Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Peanut Butter and even Cookies & Cream can all be totally vegan indulgences. HOW: Try Luna & Larry’s, SoDelicious and more. Or make your own: Chunky Monkey anyone?! (ps. You can even make a vegan shake using nothing other than frozen bananas! Easy. Amazing. Vegan.)

10. Fancy Schmancy Hard Cheeses. Wine and cheese you say? Yes please says this vegan. No, seriously. Vegan cheese with that slightly bitter, fermented, pungent aftertaste that makes you swoon. Yup. Nut cheese here you come. HOW: KiteHill, DrCow and more.

11. Pie. Flaky-crusted, gooey fruit-filled pie is a classic dessert. Veganizing it? Easy!! HOW: Earth Balance or coconut oil based pie crusts. Simply use these in place of butter in any fave recipe. Try this vegan pie crust recipe.

12. Would You like Whip On That? Yes please! Coconut whip please. Or soy. Or rice. HOW: Homemade coconut milk whip is dreamy, swoon-worthy and easy. Coconut Whip recipe on FindingVegan.com. Also soy and rice whip in a can can be found at many natural foods stores. Brand: Soyatoo.

13. Parmesan. Easy and totally amazing. Vegan parma is in every Italian-food-loving vegan’s fridge. Or they have a recipe handy! HOW: Parma, GalaxyFoods Veggie Parm, Nutritional yeast  ground with walnuts.

14. Chocolate Pudding. A kid-approved favorite, this classic treat is easily veganized in several different ways. HOW: Silken tofu, soaked cashews, chia seeds, avocado-based or non-dairy milk and arrowroot or agar agar based. And cocoa powder is almost always vegan! Try this recipe for chocolate pudding.

15. S’mores. Graham crackers and marshmallows are far from vegan, right. Not in today’s modern vegan world! HOW: Dandies, Sweet & Sarah. Use honey-free grahams or make some yourself: homemade vegan graham crackers. Try smores ice cream too.

16. Eggs. The Vegg -> game changer! And in baked goods recipes flax and chia eggs are winning substitutions. HOW: The Vegg for starters. Also this -> Vegan egg (and other food!) substitutions galore.

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-Article by: Kathy Patalsky, founder of FindingVegan.com & lunchboxbunch.com

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